The world of storage is evolving.
Are you evolving with it?

Skyera is disrupting enterprise solid-state storage with unparalleled performance, speed and capacity while minimizing the cost of power consumption and floor space. Our series of affordable all-flash storage arrays along with our proprietary Solid-State Storage Enterprise Operating System (SeOS™) brings the new era of storage.

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skyHawk Family

The skyHawk family of products are the first all-flash storage arrays to bring true price parity with enterprise spinning disk storage. Through a ground-up, system-wide approach to the design, development and integration of all components in the technology stack—including the flash controller, RAID controller, storage blades, communication bus and network interface—skyHawk offers enterprise organizations an all-flash solid-state storage system that can finally replace hard disk drive-based solutions.


skyEagle™ is a Tier 1 all-flash enterprise storage system with the reliability, performance and capacity to handle mission-critical data center applications at a price below legacy disk-based arrays. It boasts over 300TB of raw flash storage in a single 1U, or over 10PB in a standard size rack. This product will be available in 2015.


SeOS™ is a complete flash-optimized software and firmware stack composed of three layers that provide a complete suite of functionality, including easy administration, data protection, security and optimization, and real-time monitoring of Skyera arrays.