Business Analytics Develops New Business Insights

Skyera_AnalyticsBusiness success is highly dependent on gathering and understanding instantaneous customer data. Businesses can uncover customer buying patterns, new market segments, pricing and distribution strategies, and improve the overall health of the company’s operations with real-time analytics.

Solution Benefits

  • Meet ever-growing real-time data analytics needs with low latency all-flash storage
  • Up to 44TB flash capacity in 1U space to support Big Data capacity requirements
  • Achieve best total cost of ownership (TCO) with inline, hardware-assisted data reduction, lowest power consumption and minimum floor space

Today, there is much more real-time data, where fast analysis and action can translate into a competitive advantage and greater profits. Whether the data comes from social media, sensors, web site tracking and other real-time sources, business analytics have become much more advanced and has led to a diverse collection of new storage-intensive database technologies and data mining tools.

With Skyera all-flash solid-state storage solutions, the highest performance levels and greatest flash capacity are now within reach.